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Let's Talk About Maternal Mental Health

Evidence-based knowledge and support for all mothers

Motherhood is truly a soul-changing experience that changes a woman from the inside out. Your preferences, perspectives, body, and mind are never the same after experiencing this remarkable transition. 

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To many women, being a mother comes with a lot of expectations, anxiety, stress, trauma, and a lack of support. In the past decade, society has started accepting the nuances of postpartum anxiety and depression; however, the support structure for women is still not at par.


For most women, the mental health adversaries that started due to the lack of support and acknowledgment go beyond the designated “postpartum period.” So, the mothers of young children continue to struggle, burdened by fear, anxiety, and hopelessness. The dynamics at this stage of the lives of mothers have a long-term impact on the entire family’s quality of life.
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Being a freelance medical writer and a neuroscientist, I have been writing about mental well-being for years. However, when I became a mother for the first time during the pandemic, I realized that the "mental health issue" had touched me so close to home. 



Through this platform, I intend to share the evidence-based knowledge I gathered and the lessons I learned from my own experience.

I created Spirit, Life, and Brain to talk about the mental health issues that women face all along with motherhood.

My aim with this blog is to provide evidence-based knowledge and much-desired support to all the mothers around here.
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