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Poor me! Just wanted to witness a MIRACLE

Wifey: I want to see a miracle.

Hubby: You know that you are a bonafide member of the weirdo group right?

“Greeks perceived them, Romans noticed their mystique so, why can’t I? I am a modern age, scientifically trained woman, it is no big deal for me to hunt down a miracle.” This was an arbitrary thought that my sheepishly quirky brain pitched into my consciousness at 3 am. Even if I have stopped bench work in Science, my eccentric brain is still into a habit of throwing new ideas on me at this hour of the day or should I say night, whatever.

For the next couple of months “finding a miracle” was my topmost agenda. I started reading mystical books, socialized with healers, psychics, tarot card readers, visited magic shows and historical sites, submerged myself into Gaia documentaries, but couldn’t find one. I didn’t doubt or wonder about the experiences other people were having. My problem was that I wasn’t experiencing any miracle myself.

After a couple of months of painfully enduring myself with everything from gemstones to healing crystals to charged incense sticks and a thousand sessions of distracted group meditations I couldn’t even see one miracle happening with me. Leave the mystique and magic aside, I couldn’t even heal one single pimple that I had on my face. The only thing I got was anxiety, anticipation and a huge lot of grey hair. Still the stubborn researcher inside me wasn’t ready to quit. This is what we crazy, scientifically trained people do. We have a tendency to nonchalantly squander our precious life moments running behind a single weird question.

One early morning, during a group meditation session when I was painstakingly trying to concentrate, forcing my thoughts away from last night’s shopping spree, it stuck me. It stuck me like lightning.

“What I was searching was within me and all around me.”

How can one ignore the magnificent nature’s bounty? Who can despair the existence of miracles when standing before the mesmerizing power of an ocean, rare occurrences of a shooting star, the befuddling lights of Aurora? After witnessing a mother nurse a newborn, innocent childhood friendships that are beyond societal norms, selfless service to strangers, warmth of human emotions who can deny the existence of miracles? Who can deny the miraculous power of the Universal Cosmos? Is that natural intelligence that sustains millions of life forms not a miracle itself? We in fact, are also a part of the same Universe and hence are ourselves a miracle.

I paused and looked around at my meditation co-fellows. See the ironies of the lives today, Daniel was sad because he didn’t have a girlfriend and Pete wanted to hide his new affair from his wife. Lara was not happy with her family and Rambo was annoyed because he cannot be with his family for Christmas this year. Little Jane was helpless for being bullied at school and Juliene wanted to kill her boss (well, that story, some another time). The bottom line is, we live in the mad mad era where everyone is running behind their ambitions, desperate to solve their own big and small issues. Not receptive to the amazing gifts life and this Universe has given to them, not caring about the problems and emotions of others, undeniably making a fuss out of their lives.

OK! I have used intense words here and you would say if we ourselves are miracles, then why we cannot save us from the miseries and sufferings? Why we cannot do something like a “click” and get ourselves free from the problems? What I learnt from this endeavor is that mostly, we don’t ask for big Angelic miracles or superhuman powers. It is just the little help that we need in our day to day lives to ease our pain and agony to make our lives peaceful and happier. The answer is, miracles happen with us, around us, every time, we just have to open up to see them.

How? Well, as a person who has spent years studying Brain, I might have a tendency to connect every thing with Psychology and Behavior, however here are some tricks that may help you in witnessing your own miracles.

When you feel miserable and stuck into a situation and want to witness a miraculous help, the first thing to do is to be quiet and calm your restless mind. When we are calm and composed and free from all the stress based neurotransmitters, we can activate our brain’s higher thinking centers.

The second thing to do is to accept that yes, we do have a problem and free ourselves from any guilt and regret. Then we actually start working on finding the solutions. “If you desire healing, you have to first accept that you got ill.”

Third and the most important thing is to have faith. Keep faith that the Universal Cosmic Intelligence that you have will help you. Believe in yourself that you will get through this. Then, calmly focus and channelize all your energy towards finding an answer. At this stage, I would say, act like a saintly-warrior. Be calm and cool as a saint but, be daring to face your problem as a warrior. When you act like this with a positive affirmation, faith and a humble attitude towards others, there will be time when you will see “viola”, the miracle you wanted to witness.

If you feel I have deceived you, then trust me, when you will come out through this experience, you will yourself feel the miraculous power within you. Yes, though I am still happily, conscientiously dealing with a hubby, a household and lots and lots of pimples and grey hair, I just want to say one thing,

“People will keep on spinning on their mad mad whims, the haters will hate and the potatoes will potate, but until there is love, faith and goodwill in this Universe, the human race will keep on witnessing miracles.”

“With her tightly clenched fist, she was constantly praying. “Dear Angels! I am waiting for your miracle.” The tears of agony were flowing through her eyes. “I am surrounded by demons. Help me!” she pleaded. Suddenly, deep within her, she saw a flickering light. The more she focused, the brighter it became. Then came the Angelic voice of affirmation, “You are the miracle you want to witness.”

Vedangana Saini Anand


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